First Drupal Patch and CORE commit!

August 27, 2011

I’ve been using Drupal to create really cool websites for the past few years and decided that it’s finally time to stop being selfish and try and contribute back to the project and community. Plus I thought it would be really great to get something committed to CORE! All it took was for the community to move to a VCS I could understand (git) and a blog post on how to create a patch by Jacine, who happens to be leading the HTML5 initiative. The first task I chose was part of that HTML5 initiative for Drupal 8 and it regarded cleaning up the CSS for the core aggregator module.

The issue is currently marked reviewed and tested by the community and can be seen here. It involved a little bit more than implementing the Batman style naming convention for style-sheets. I’m hoping I can be of more assistance in the future.

#Drupal Core