Trans Am hood FINALLY got painted!

July 15, 2011

I’ve been wanting to get the WS6 hood for my 2000 Trans Am for a long time now. I finally bit the bullet and purchased a hood from some guy in New York last fall through After a cursory inspection of the hood, I brought it home and was test fitting with my little brother when we discovered something I had missed when inspecting the hood.

Hood Damage

The fiberglass around the driver’s side mounting point had been fractured. Yes, I know it does look obvious in the photo but the flash really highlights it. Feeling discouraged, the hood sat on the car all winter.

With the fall came new inspiration to get the hood fixed and painted. I did want to drive the car after all! I drove it around to a few body shops and found someone who was willing to fix and paint the hood for me at a reasonable rate. The hood/car went into the show looking like this:

Original Hood.

New and old.

Fitting the new hood.

And came out looking like this!

Painted and installed.

There were a few imperfections in the paint job but the body shop is going to fix those. I’m back in love with my car all over again and remember why I bought it in the first place.

How does Nick feel about it?

He likes it.